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G2 Axle & Gear is your number one source for premium drivetrain products that will withstand the demands of today’s
high performance vehicles. At G2, we understand the need for
strong, reliable products and strive to create parts that meet and exceed these demands, while keeping them affordable and easy to install.



G2 Axle & Gear represents the workhorse of the TMG brands. These components take a hammering on trails and are constantly being pushed to their limits, often going un-noticed. Engineered and tested to perform, the G2 product range means business. 


When marketing G2 Axle & Gear, it's important to understand what G2 is all about. This will ensure the messages you send to your customers, are consistent with what we are doing at a manufacturer level. The stronger our marketing efforts are, the greater the brand will become, and the more it will grow! 


We have provided approved images, logos, fonts and a general style guide to ensure the G2 brand is represented correctly.



Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our Marketing Department 

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