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The Best Dual Rate Sway Bar System for Your Jeep JK | G2 Core DRS

Year of Production: 2018

Running Time: 2:14

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The innovative G2 CORE Dual Rate Sway Bar System provides the stability of a sway bar on the pavement and the free suspension movement of running without one in the dirt. And, it does all of that with just the simple flick of a switch. The rugged, reliable and state-of the-art system is pneumatically controlled allowing for easy and dependable operation. Transitioning from the highway to the dirt and back has never been easier.



How Does the Core Rate Dual Rate Sway Bar Work?

Year of Production: 2018

Running Time: 0:40

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Wondering how the G2 CORE Dual Rate Sway Bar System works to improve the wheeling capability of your 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK? This pneumatically controlled system connects to an existing on-board air compressor system and is controlled on the fly by a switch inside the cab of the Jeep allowing you to instantly disconnect your sway bar for more articulation without getting out of your seat. Get yours September 1st: https://bit.ly/2wdATjl


Year of Production: 2018

Running Time: 0:33

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The G2 CORE DRS is a state-of-the-art off-road sway bar system for your 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK. The pneumatically controlled system connects to an existing on-board air compressor system and is controlled on the fly by a switch inside the cab of the vehicle. When engaged, two torsion bars work together to provide stable on-road handling with up to 20% more articulation than stock. When disengaged, the primary torsion bar is disconnected, leaving the lighter spring rate torsion bar to provide minimal stability and ample flex. Premium aluminum and chromoly steel materials make the G2 CORE DRS system strong and reliable. Visit G2axle.com for more information

CORE-DRS: G2 Axle & Gear Dual Rate Sway Bar System

Year of Production: 2018

Running Time: 0:34

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Pneumatically controlled, this system allows a rigid system for on-road handling. It also allows full flex for off-road conditions while still providing some anti-roll elements of a sway bar. The sway bar can engage/disengage on the fly – at the flick of a switch from inside your vehicle. The machined 5/8-inch steel "Second Stage" sway bar offers the unique safety feature of having some element of sway bar operation when disconnected, while the spring-loaded default switches to the 'engaged' position for ultimate failsafe security. The Core DRS features a hub and gear assembly which provides unparalleled strength in the disconnect mechanism. It couples to existing locker compressors using identical fittings and plumbing. Spline shafts with locking rings allows for serviceability and repair on the trail. The system will also accommodate manual disconnect end links for 100% disengagement.


• CNC-machined 6061 aluminum body, hardened 4140 steel locking assembly and 1-1/4" hardened sway bar shafts


• Multiple end link mounts for adjustability


• Sealed, maintenance-free assembly


• Internal Buna O-ring pneumatic seals


Application: 2000-2014 Jeep® Jeep Wrangler JK

Part Number: 72-2050DRS

MORE INFO: https://bit.ly/2cr5tKR

G2 JK Air System

Year of Production: 2017

Running Time: 1:41

Color / Audio / Captions

Our JK Air System is designed with convenience in mind, offering an easy way to store and use air on your Jeep.

G2 Air Compressor SEMA 2017

Year of Production: 2017

Running Time: 2:05

Color / Audio / Captions

We get more information on the new G2 Mini Air Compressor at The SEMA Show.

G2 Big Brake Kit SEMA 2017

Year of Production: 2017

Running Time: 1:59

Color / Audio / Captions

The new G2 Big Brake Kit is the perfect upgrade for your Jeep. Check out g2axle.com for the latest information.

G2 Core DRS | Pneumatically Controlled Dual Rate Sway Bar

Year of Production: 2017

Running Time: 2:11

Color / Audio / Captions

Get an in-depth look at the Dual Rate Sway Bar as Bob shows us the functionality of this sway bar on Project Cut Throat at The SEMA Show.

G2 Axle & Gear 2017

Year of Production: 2017

Running Time: 1:01

Color / Audio / Captions

G2 Axle & Gear is on the forefront of developing premium drivetrain products that enhance vehicle performance and improve reliability. Our products are engineered to address and upgrade the factory OE parts that may be a weak link when a vehicle is modified for performance applications. As avid enthusiasts, we at G2 understand the need for strong, reliable products and we strive create parts that meet and exceed these demands, while keeping them affordable and easy to install. All of our products are manufactured using the latest processes and highest grade materials to exceed OE specifications for a precise trouble free fit. We also back all of our products with our G2 Pledge that offers a minimum ten year warranty on our items. So when it comes to quality drivetrain products, rest assured that G2 has your back.

The Benefits to Changing Your Gear Ratio to Accommodate Taller Tires

Year of Production: 2017

Running Time: 1:40

Color / Audio / Captions

We upgrade to 4.10 gears in our 2016 Chevy Silverado bringing back our performance and fuel economy from adding the bigger tires.

CORE 44 Manufacturing - Made in the USA!

Year of Production: 2015

Running Time: 2:50 min

Color / Audio

American-made CORE 44 housings accept the latest generation Dana 44 gear design, with a larger diameter ring gear and bigger pinion shaft to withstand hard off-road use. Our housings feature forged bearing caps and a unique G-lock adjuster nut system to set backlash and carrier bearing preload. CORE 44 axles use additional ribbing on the cast center section and 3-inch diameter, 5/16-wall DOM axle tubes with forged inner Cs for use with tall, aggressive tires.

Brian Deegan with G2 Axle and Gear – SEMA 2014

Year of production: 2014

Running Time: 1:13 min

Color / Sound / Audio

XGames icon, Brian “The General Deegan” stops by the G2 Axle and Gear Booth at SEMA 2014 to visit with fans and speak about the importance of his axles and gears in winning the 2014 Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series Championship.

New G2 Core 44 Axle Assembly

Year of production: 2014

Running Time: 1:29 min

Color / Sound / Audio / Subtitled

G2 Axle & Gear is proud to introduce the new CORE 44 axle housing for the 07 and up Jeep JK.

Utilizing the strongest and latest generation, high pinion Dana 44 gear design, G2 has developed a whole new housing to handle the heavy loads that would normally bend the stock housing. All brackets are designed around stock mounting points, and are laser cut and CNC formed from 3/8" steel for added strength. All potential weak points have been reinforced to prevent damage to the brackets.

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