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LRG Rims is a custom wheel brand that specifically targets applications for Trucks, Jeeps and SUV’s. Our inspiration
comes from the ability to blend years of background in the custom wheel industry with the current lifestyle of young automotive enthusiasts and create unique products. It is in our culture to deliver high quality, fashion forward designs that defy conventional industry standards.



LRG Rims is the newest brand to join the TMG Network. Not only are the wheel styles cutting edge, the marketing associated with the brand is fun and unique. With a focus on the urban community, it's imaging can be regarded as rebellious and punk-like. LRG Rims is here to stand out from the croud, and lead the wheel industry to new fronts. 


We have provided approved images, logos, fonts and a general style guide to help you continue to promote LRG Rims and build the momentum.



Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our Marketing Department 

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