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Any component can look good in your driveway, but hit the trail and the imposters are quickly weeded out from the authentic.


A Poison Spyder Jeep is easy to pick out from a crowd. It is built for performance in the rocks and on the trail, with a simplicity of design that is both elegant and efficient. Absent are the post-apocalyptic looks of
typical Jeep aftermarket parts, which are cluttered with unnecessary bulk and pointless design features. A Poison Spyder Jeep is built for the job at hand: getting through the toughest terrain with the least damage to both the Jeep and the terrain. 


All Poison Spyder products have been tested under the most demanding conditions we can find from around the country. While some shy away from the hardest trails and most challenging obstacles, we welcome them.


Every product that Poison Spyder manufactures is designed and built in the USA. There are no asterisks in that
statement--we don’t mean “assembled” in America, or “designed” in America and built overseas. Every step of the process,
from design and testing to laser cutting and welding are performed in the USA by hard working Americans who are just as
passionate about the Jeep lifestyle as you are.




Heritage in Hardcore!

2017 Poison Spyder Catalog is available now.

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